I'm just not that into you (any more)

It was like a siren calling out to me from my Amazon shopping cart. I needed it. I craved it. I couldn't stop thinking about this... vegetarian cookbook. I had borrowed a copy from the library, dog eared no fewer than 50 pages with post it notes, and had not yet made a single recipe. It was going to change my life and I needed my own right now. 

Frugal foodie

In my ideal food fantasy world, every meal that my husband and I consume would be homemade, nutritious and plated beautifully. But after I make it home with a trunk full of (some) organic goodies from Costco, reality sets in. I'm too exhausted from shopping to make food.

Book review | The Year of Less

I have to admit that I was not a fan when I first started the book. The writing was lovely, but it made me feel uncomfortable as the author bared her soul about her past issues with alcohol and drugs. I just wanted to read a book about finances! Please teach me how to stop overshopping. 

Confessions of a lesser-known Kardashian

I started reading "The Year of Less" last weekend while I was traveling to surprise one of my best girlfriends for her birthday. While I was instantly drawn in by the writing, I found myself getting annoyed by all of the private details that the author revealed about her past issues with alcohol, among other things. Look lady, I wanted to read a book about finances. Not your personal problems.